Eurofashion = Piękne Paznokcie. Tipsy, akryl i żel. Od 16 lat w branży paznokcie! W ofercie mamy bogaty wybór profesjonalnych produktów do pielęgnacji, przedłużania i zdobienia paznokci. Nasi eksperci zapewniają wysoki poziom usług.


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About Euro Fashion

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Established in 1995, Euro Fashion has since grown into the industry leader of the European market. We offer the widest variety of professional products for the natural nail care, artificial extensions and nail art. We employ high-qualified professionals to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

Euro Fashion headquarters is located in Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland. In order to meet growing demand for product throughout Eastern Europe, we have several distributors scattered all over Poland, as well as Europe (Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine).

Apart from offering nail care products Euro Fashion has been also organizing and sponsoring multiple competitions such as: Nail Art Poland - Polish Championships in Nail Designing, PINK & WHITE - the International Nail Extensions Championship and International Nail Art Championship - the International Competition in Nail Decorating. Many participants in the competitions are people who had completed the courses organized by our company.

Courses in nail extension and artistic nail decoration are performed by our high-skilled professional instructors. Coursework includes one-to-one training and classroom instruction for multiple techniques currently used worldwide. Upon successful completion of the coursework, each student receives an American worldwide-respected certificate of achievements to authenticate their skills. We are the publishers of Paznokcie - the only polish language magazine for manicure and pedicure specialists that offers continuing education to all who wish to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge in care, extension and decoration of nails.

Akademia Paznokcia, a bimonthly magazine, which quickly gained a huge popularity and respect among nail stylists. Being created by nail experts, instructors, nail beautifying enthusiasts and Readers themselves Akademia Paznokcia not only does broaden one's knowledge but also entertains. Akademia Paznokcia - for the inquiring and hungry for knowledge.

Nail Art, a magazine with lots of modern adornments for the ones that search for inspirations and new challenges. Many nail technicians will be astonished by the multitude of designs included. Will you pickup the gauntlet? Perhaps step-by-step instructions will make it easier to decide.

Paznokcie - the first on the Polish market magazine for manicurists, pedicurists and people who want to improve their skills and widen their knowledge as far as nail care, artificial extensions and art are concerned.

4 August 2015
Augustyna, Kamelii, Lidii


ENTITY One Color Couture Soak Off Gel Enamel Bewitching Collection 15ml - New York Trend


producent: ENTITY

price: 79.90 PLN


Balsam NSI Nurture Lotion 237ml - Tangerine


producent: NSI

price: 26.10 PLN



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